BIOS: Living NFTs

BIOS: Living NFTs (2022)
Generative Collection – Variegated Digital Plants
3D modelling, Machine Learning/AI, Dynamic NFT

BIOS: Living NFTS is a generative NFT art project in collaboration with Jake Tan that consists of 1024 unique plants grow over 6 months.

The project started as a residency at HOTHOUSE and is inspired by variegated plant collecting, the blockchain, and its impacts on digital assets.

These dynamic NFTs take the form of variegated plants produced from a combination of 3D modeling, machine learning algorithms, and procedural programming to generate unique digital plants.

At the heart of BIOSNFT, the technology behind how the digital plants grow is a window into a possible future of dynamic NFTs. With a six-month growth cycle, the digital plants live and grow similarly to physical plants, with the integration of a time and date data API (Application Programming Interface).

BIOS: Living NFTs at National Design Centre Singapore, 2022

Plant Boxes (2022)
Anamorphic LED mixed media work, featuring a rotating BIOSNFT plant

Juxtaposition of real plants and digital plants

AI generated leaf textures

The case for advertising

The case for advertising (2022)
Single Channel Video

Would you like some shoes with that?

The case for advertising recounts this daily act of recording and checking of Covid-19 statistics. Acting as a documentation of what was happening to the world through numbers and advertisements, this artwork consists of screenshots taken over the course of 3 months. Compiled into the format of a moving image, this artwork highlights the dichotomy presented between online marketing advertisements and the seriousness of global events occurring simultaneously, elsewhere in the world.