BIOS: Living NFTs

BIOS: Living NFTs (2022)
Generative Collection – Variegated Digital Plants
3D modelling, Machine Learning/AI, Dynamic NFT

BIOS: Living NFTS is a generative NFT art project in collaboration with Jake Tan that consists of 1024 unique plants grow over 6 months.

The project started as a residency at HOTHOUSE and is inspired by variegated plant collecting, the blockchain, and its impacts on digital assets.

These dynamic NFTs take the form of variegated plants produced from a combination of 3D modeling, machine learning algorithms, and procedural programming to generate unique digital plants.

At the heart of BIOSNFT, the technology behind how the digital plants grow is a window into a possible future of dynamic NFTs. With a six-month growth cycle, the digital plants live and grow similarly to physical plants, with the integration of a time and date data API (Application Programming Interface).

BIOS: Living NFTs at National Design Centre Singapore, 2022

Plant Boxes (2022)
Anamorphic LED mixed media work, featuring a rotating BIOSNFT plant

Juxtaposition of real plants and digital plants

AI generated leaf textures