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Medium: Gifs
Date: 2021 – (ongoing)

Quarantined in our homes
under a blanket
between the sheets
I read the patterns
and meander the folds
divining the future from
a line of raised cloth
and the morning light’s shadows
today I am not yet dead

15/06/2021 1:34pm UTC 177,105,201 3,829,257 161,316,011

As the days pass slower and grow longer during the Covid-era, I realised I haven’t really looked at myself in awhile. As a photographer I take pictures but never look at myself. Everyday we grow a little and a portrait captures you in a moment between the past and the present. We are in every moment loading, loading.

We do not know when our time comes. For my Grandfather. He lived his life so we could live ours. 50% of all proceeds and royalties from secondary sales will be donated to the Singapore Children’s Cancer Foundation as long as this work lives.

While we wait for the world to reset, we wait in perpetual wanderlust for somewhere other than here, a time other than now. China, Yunnan, Shangri-la, Ganden Sumtsenling Monastery, 2017

On This Day

On this day (2018)
Archival Inkjet Print
40 by 60cm
Edition of 3

On this day is a single exposure of all the pages in The New Paper on 3rd September 2018. As we continue to record activities and happenings every single day, the amount of information that will be forgotten increases. The image refuses any form of traditional reading but instead renders the news a mess of abstract lines; a representation of our collective memories.


00:15 (2020)
Archival Inkjet Print
40 x 150cm
Edition of 3
Coney island is a place I go to when I need some quiet. It’s easy to imagine one is lost in the woods when no one else is around. The image was created by stitching and blending 5 long exposure images. From this vantage point you can see the different divisions of the island. Reservoir, concrete, trees and sky. This work was commissioned by pluralartmag for the Our Heartlands project.